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We are happy to be working with Threadless as they prioritize our shared objective which is top quality products, high quality printed designs, and customer satisfaction.  ​

Goth Girl Emo Girl
Gym attire

Electrified Squirrel

Electrified Squirl

My name is Melissa or Squirrel, whatever you want to call me! My friend once lovingly described me as an Electrified Squirrel...And he was right. I am a Horror Streamer that startles incredibly easily and absolutely loves it. With my Etch-a-Sketch brain, my streams are full of energy and the good chaos and my chat is constantly sending jump scares through sound alerts or Dixper every week. 

We have a welcoming community that supports each other everyday. Whether they’re calling themselves my loyal nuts or cult members, they’ll be in my streams as I play games like Phasmophobia, Inside the Labs, Dark Pictures Anthology, and any other horror games that come my way! Where almost everyday is community day, come laugh with me, or at me as I struggle through games!

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